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3 Reasons to Treat Yourself to Destination CE—Alaska

You work hard at your job and you love it, but that doesn't mean you can't treat yourself to an Alaskan cruise at the same time. Here are 3 reasons to go to Destination CE—Alaska from the expert instructors themselves. 

CE is an invaluable part of a veterinarian’s career. You learn new skillsets, network, and improve your practice. What many don’t realize is that these learning opportunities can incorporate an element of rest and relaxation, too.

In a Quick Cup of Knowledge video called “Destination CE,” Brian Beale, DVM, DACVS and Jay Griffin, DVM, DACVR, express their excitement about WVC’s upcoming CE course on orthopedics they’ll be team teaching with Brian Poteet, MS, DVM, DACVR, while also on an Alaskan cruise vacation.

Reason #1 you should not miss out on this opportunity is because career longevity requires you to have fun sometimes (we know you have fun at work everyday, but an Alaskan cruise is anther level of fun). “If you want to have a good career,” says Dr. Beale, “you have to set yourself up to enjoy your job.” How do you do that? According to Dr. Beale, it’s by constantly learning new things while also taking care of yourself.

Reason #2 is that it's team-taught, so with triple the expertise and scope of knowledge, you get the bang for your buck. Dr. Griffin goes on to describe the collaborative and multidisciplinary approach taken in this course to guide participants from the imaging stages through orthopedic surgery, taking participants through cases from start to finish to show how imaging helps to develop a plan for orthopedic surgery. This team-taught course includes board-certified radiologists and a world-renown orthopedic surgeon, allowing participants to leverage the experience of three experts.

Reason #3 to go on Destination CE—Alaska is for the unique networking opportunities. The phenomenal instruction is only half the day—the other half will be spent socializing and enjoying everything the cruise has to offer. Imagine the friendships and connections you'll make on a cruise ship rather than in a standard classroom setting. It’s a veterinarian’s dream boat!

Whether you want top-notch training on the best orthopedic practices or you want a getaway experience with like-minded colleagues—the best of both worlds awaits you. 

Learn more about registering for WVC’s Destination CE—Alaska and book the cruise here.

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