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A symposium is an objective-focused, themed track of sessions developed and presented by a sponsoring company of the WVC Annual Conference or Oquendo Center. Symposia sessions are 50 minutes long and are scheduled as 2-hour, 4-hour, or 8-hour tracks and must be non-commercial.

Symposium applications and related contents will be reviewed by WVC and must conform to all guidelines. Approved symposium programs will be submitted to RACE as part of WVC’s Educational Program for CE Certification.


  • Sponsor Reservations: 6/14/19
  • Sponsorship & Attendee List Agreement Due: 6/14/19
  • WVC to Notify Organizers of Approval: 9/2/19
  • # Sponsorships Available: Non-Exclusive, but limited

Onsite Promotion Opportunities

  1. ATTENDANCE CAPTURE: Please see attached Attendee List Usage Agreement for Attendee List will be available within 24 hours of your session.
  2. HANDOUTS: WVC allows the Sponsor to distribute handouts onsite inside session room. Sponsor is responsible for distribution and clean-up.

  3. VIDEO CAPTURE: If you wish to capture the sessions on video, contact information for WVC's Preferred Vendor will be provided. Additional fees apply. Please notify Janis Knoetzel as soon as possible to coordinate room set and AV requirements. WVC requires that when using video captured at the Conference that you include a WVC logo or mention.

  4. AUDIENCE RESPONSE DEVICES (ARD]: Notify WVC if your industry session requires the use of WVC's Preferred Vendor contact information will be provided. Additional fee may apply.

  5. FOOD & BEVERAGE: Sponsors are permitted to provide food and/ or beverage for participants during the symposium. Food and/ or beverage is strongly recommended for Tuesday Late Night Learning [2-hour] symposium sessions. F&B orders must be finalized and payment received by January 3, 2020.

  6. SIGNAGE: Additional room signage provided by the Sponsor is limited to one (1) sign near the entrance of the session room and must directly relate to the session booth number on signage is acceptable. Additional signage is allowed inside the session room. Additional signage is permitted for breakfast seminars ONLY, and must be approved by WVC. All unauthorized signage will be removed. Sponsor is responsible for placement and removal of all signage.


Symposia sessions are heavily promoted in all pre-conference marketing with sponsor logo recognition throughout. Sponsor also receives a 1/4 page ad per four hours of programming in the Education Program & Exhibit Hall Guide.


Inquire for Pricing. Please complete the form to the right to receive a copy of the Symposium Guidelines & Application.

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  • Build brand positioning through associative imagery
  • Raise brand awareness and create preference


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